We requested you to tell us about your cactus conundrums and monstera musings, so we might match with an professional at Leaf Envy, Olivia Elwin-Taylor, that can make it simpler to get your full indoor foliage knowledge straight.

What’s the finest plant to take care of up alive? 

“It’s arduous to pick just one,” Olivia tells us. “The one crops to take care of up alive are these which is prone to be shade and drought tolerant, which suggests they may survive in low-light circumstances and don’t ideas skipping the odd watering session. The ZZ plant is sweet to brighten up a darkish nook since they dislike shiny delicate and ideally solely need watering every two weeks, allowing soil to fully dry out between waterings.”

How pretty a bit must I water my crops? 

“Whereas every species requires a selected watering schedule, as a traditional rule of thumb watering your crops totally in a single go is means extra helpful than little and customarily,” explains Olivia. “It’s moreover important to water the soil evenly and gently, ensuring every root is hydrated and nourished.” 

Beneath are 4 parts to recollect all through the case of holding your crops glad and hydrated.

Soil check out:

“A easy rule to remember is that crops will dry out pretty a bit quicker all through the occasion that they’re in shiny daylight than these all by the shade,” Olivia tells us. “You presumably can confirm on them weekly by putting your finger all by the soil (two inches deep) to see if the soil is dried out, and if it’s fully dry then it’s extreme time for them to say howdy to some hydration!” 

Underwatering indicators:

“Some indicators your crops need some water would possibly very correctly be saggy or dry leaves, the plant leaning over to a minimum of one side, or bone-dry soil,” Olivia explains. “The great thing about crops is that they’re not shy about telling you after they’re feeling parched!”


“Soil that has been too moist for too prolonged launched on by your plant not having adequate daylight for the soil to dry out exactly between watering, or merely merely giving your plant an extreme quantity of water would possibly set off root rot, which deprives your plant of its essential dietary dietary nutritional vitamins.”


Observe down everytime you first watered your plant and create reminders of when to confirm in subsequent, based mostly fully on their hydration needs.

How can I inform if I am giving my plant an extreme quantity of delicate? 

“Gentle for crops is what meals is to individuals,” explains Olivia. “So giving them the right amount of daylight is important to their enchancment and survival. To work out exactly which spot to place your plant in, you probably can take a shadow check out  sharp shadow signifies shiny delicate whereas a softer shadow signifies an additional medium delicate.”

Nonetheless, even crops which want shiny delicate can get scorched from direct daylight, which could sometimes be on account of residence dwelling house home windows amplify the image voltaic’s heat, inflicting harm if not protected appropriately. Does this remind you of our pores and pores and pores and pores and skin? That is the rationale we must always at all times frequently regularly positioned on SPF, even indoors, even in winter.

“Noticing your crops are rising yellow leaves or rising smaller leaves than typical usually is a tell-tale sign that they’re getting barely too scorching beneath the collar,” explains Olivia. “Try exposing your crops moderately rather a lot rather a lot a lot much less by means of the day by transferring them away from shiny, direct daylight and proper correct into an additional shady spot.”

How are you acutely conscious when a plant needs repotting? 

“Your plant will need repotting to a wonderful bigger pot after they’ve outgrown their nursery pot,” says Olivia. “Inform-tale indicators are when its roots are rising by the drainage holes on the underside of the planter, they’re pushing the plant out of the planter, or the plant is rising pretty a bit slower than frequent, although typically this may doubtless usually merely be all the way in which through which by which correct proper all the way down to winter dormancy.”

What are the best 5 pet-friendly crops and the way in which through which by which do I get my pet to stop chewing them? 

“A excessive styling tip to take care of up crops away from pets is to place them extreme up on a shelf or mantelpiece to create a ravishing focus in any room,” explains Olivia. “Some pet consultants say that leaving the peel of a lemon on the plant’s soil will maintain your furry mates away, and that cats will shield clear if cayenne pepper is sprinkled all by the plant!”

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